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Honkai: Star Rail Relic Optimizer
Last Modified: 2024-05-30
Welcome to the Relic Optimizer!
The Relic Optimizer is a tool that helps you to optimize your relic selection for your characters. We are combining your character's relics into the inventory and evaluate the best combination of relics for your choice of character.
To get started, simply Pick your character and click Optimize. And then you can filter based on relic sets to see the results.
Notice that when you see All Characters, it is expected that you don't see any results because you haven't select the algorithm to optmize yet.

To refresh your relic inventory, go to relic scorer and click on the refresh button. We will fetched the latest relics equipped in your character in profile and come back and update for the results.
Get started by selecting the character you want to optimize
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checkout relic scorer to fetch your data.