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Honkai: Star Rail Relic Scorer
Last Modified: 2024-07-10
Jade's default weight is updated:
  • Crit Rate / Crit Damage / Energy Regen / Quantum DMG: Set to 1
  • ATK: Set to 0.75
  • SPD: Set to 0.5

Based on the community feedback, we have updated the suitable for sets for the following changes:
  • Iron Cavalry Against Scourge: Added to Firefly, Boothill, Harmony MC, Himeko, Xueyi, Sushang
  • Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern: Added to Himeko, Gallagher, Asta
  • The Wind-Soaring Valorous: Added to Himeko, Dr. Ratio, Jingyuan
  • Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves: Added to Dr. Ratio, Topaz, Clara
New Feature: Added a new way to calculate the relic score.
Now you can manually add your relic and start evaluate with the latest algorithm
>> Relic Scorer with Manual Entry

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