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Patience Is All You Need
"Could it be that there's something you haven't told me?" She watches as their neck stiffens, as if a lump is blocking their throat. She knows she is feared, and that no further step is needed. At this point, it no longer mattered what she said. Any word she utters radiates horror... They stand no chance against her, and have no choice but to blurt out what she wants to hear. Like a spider waiting in its web, patience is all she needs.
Promotion Details
Spider Web
Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After every attack launched by wearer, their SPD increases by 5%, stacking up to 3 times. If the wearer hits an enemy target that is not afflicted by Erode, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Erode to the target. Enemies afflicted with Erode are also considered to be Shocked and will receive Lightning DoT at the start of each turn equal to 60% of the wearer's ATK, lasting for 1 turn(s).