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Time Waits for No One
She had spent many days next to the window. Flowers were blooming outside when she made gentle medicines with mint and nepeta. Rain was falling outside when she made strong medicines with mosla and ginger. Leaves were falling outside when she made sour medicines with peony roots and dry plums. And snow was falling outside when she made bitter medicines with skullcaps and anemarrhena. Time flows endlessly, but this window and the person sitting next to it remain forever the same.
Promotion Details
Morn, Noon, Dusk, and Night
Increases the wearer's Max HP by 18% and Outgoing Healing by 12%. When the wearer heals allies, record the amount of Outgoing Healing. When any ally launches an attack, a random attacked enemy takes Additional DMG equal to 36% of the recorded Outgoing Healing value. The type of this Additional DMG is of the same Type as the wearer's. This Additional DMG is not affected by other buffs, and can only occur 1 time per turn.